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Reflexology Massage


Reflexology massage is a therapeutic alternative treatment that is based on the notion that certain areas of the ears, hands and feet are connected by nerves to other parts of the body. In reflexology, pressure that is applied to a particular reflex point can remedy problems that are associated with specific body parts and organs. A point that is on the arch of your foot for example can correspond to the proper functioning of the liver. Thus, if pressure is applied to this point in a foot reflexology massage, it will help in improving liver function.

Reduces Stress – stress makes our body more prone to diseases. Reflexology aids in reducing stress by helping the body heal itself and regain balance. The moment reflexology massage is started; relaxation begins immediately as confirmed by brain activity measured by EEG.

Improves Blood Circulation – blood carries nutrients to the cells and oxygen all over the body while at the same time removing toxins such as metabolic wastes. Our blood needs to flow freely to be able to perform its tasks efficiently. With reflexology, the flow of blood to the brain, feet, intestines and kidneys is increased. The reason could be that reflexology relaxes the body, which includes our cardiovascular system and thus allows it to pump blood easily and naturally.

Stimulates Function of the Nerve – reflexology massage encourages clearing and opening of neural pathways and stimulates more than 7,000 nerves located in the feet. In addition, reflexology reduces pain by interrupting pain pathways.

Improves the Immune System – through a reflexology massage, the lymphatic system is induced thereby reducing the danger of infection. The massage eliminates toxins and encourages production of endorphins which increases the feeling of well-being and immune power.

Increases the Level of Energy – energy is revitalized by reflexology massage by relaxing and stimulating energy pathways.

Helps in Recovery after Operation – reflexology massage aids in faster recovery from surgery through the reduction of pain. Thus it helps in reducing the use of analgesics.